The Use of SARMS as a Selective Receptor

Anabolic steroids are formulated for a number of reasons. These range from preventing muscle diseases such as osteoporosis to hormone replacement therapies. gr1However, the problem arises when the use of these anabolic steroids result to undesirable secondary side effects.

Hence, the formulators of SARMS search for a compound structure that can be used for these same purposes without having to suffer from adverse effects.

In its most basic sense, SARMS is a kind of cellular Androgen Receptor (AR) which androgens such as testosterone and other synthetic anabolic steroids bind into. These androgens are combined with other receptors that then travel to cell nucleus and process gene transcription. This is one of the indications on how anabolic steroids take effect on cells. And so far, the potential of SARMS toSARMS dominate the steroid industry, as it is proven to have positive effects on tissues and muscles than other anabolic steroids, has been so great.

Recent findings about SARMS show that there are impending changes when it comes to both the range of use and extent of use of SARMS. As research suggests,

SARMS is useful in different ways such as:

  • Treatment for osteoporosis. SARMS is composed of compounds that have the properties to stimulate restructuring of bones that have lesser effects on prostrate both for men and women. This is non-steroidal and orally active receptor modulator provides therapeutic effects and reduces risks.
  • Prevention of prostate cancer, acne, hair growth, and inhibition of testosterone production, which can be observed from other anabolic steroids.
  • For bodybuilders, SARMS means replacement of traditional anabolic in terms of growing muscles, liver toxicity, and PCT use.

Given the potential benefits consumers can gain from using this receptor, researchers of SARMS also search for a number of ways through which it can be used. There are different ways to utilize SARMS.SARM Currently, using it as a bridge in between steroid cycles is considered as the most effective and efficient ways of using it. Taking it this way will ensure an easier time keeping up with the gains based from previous cycles.
However, the complete effectiveness of SARMS is only achievable if users of SARMS search for the following guidelines before choosing good SARMS.

1. SARMS should be free from complications with other estrogen, progestogens and corticosteroids receptors. This is to avoid the possible side effects of these ligand-receptors complexities. Needless to say, SARMS should also not be bounded by SHBG so that it can still be applied in a lower dose and maintain its availability to androgen receptors. This will also prevent any SHBG-SARM harms that may be otherwise mediated.

2. SARMS should also have no or little intervention, if possible, to the natural secretion of natural steroids such as testosterone and sperms. Testosterone plays a great role in the overall circulation of the body and many anabolic steroids with high concentration may impede the body’s natural production of testosterones.

3. SARMS should not also completely prevent the production of GnRH, LH and FSH.The SARMS search for a resemblance in function with testosterone. This is not a problem when it comes to interaction with muscle androgen receptors, but the case is different when interaction happens with pituitary and hypothalamus because this leads to inhibition of the GnRH, LH and FSH productions.24-oct-2015-question

4. SARMS should be taken in a minimal dosage. The most effective way of taking SARMS is oral. This way, SARMS would not be toxic and metabolic processes and transformations would not be too fast.

5. SARMS should not inhibit the process of enzyme aromatase because a small amount of estradiol for bone formation and cognition.
The idea of SARMS to be a perfect selective receptor is still at its early stage, but the potential success of this product is already very high. This is the apparent reason why many pharmaceuticals that create SARMS search for different formulations that can be partnered with it.