Why Schools Need Motivational Speakers?

Studies show that around 30 percent of teenagers nowadays have substance abuse problems. Also around 20 percent of teens are experiencing depression or intense feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness. A lot of teenagers exhibit violent behaviors and have problems at school.

A lot of teenagers also have low self-esteem, eating disorders, and internet addiction. Some are even entertaining suicidal thoughts. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst teenagers. This is the reason why schools need motivational speakers.

Motivational speakers can help students in a lot of ways, including:

1. They can help students find their purpose.

Students feel like they’re in a limbo all the time. They are not sure of what they want and they are not sure of the path that they should take. Students often feel confused and they often spend a lot of time thinking about the big questions in life.

Inspirational speakers help students find their purpose and find answers to the biggest questions in life. They give talks on responsibility, goal-setting, finding happiness, and following their passion. These speakers inspire the students to make their life worth living by following their goals and dreams. These speakers also have inspiring stories that could help the students find their purpose in life and follow their dreams.


2. They can help the students do well at school.

More and more successful people today did not do very well in school. In fact, a lot of startup founders are college dropouts. This is the reason why more and more students feel that doing well in school is not important. They feel that doing well in school is not something that will bring them future success.

Motivational speakers can help students do well at school by pointing out the importance of studying. These speakers make students realize that having good grades has a lot of benefits – it could lead to potential scholarships in college and even after that, it can lead to fabulous and fun opportunities, and it also increases the student’s confidence and self-esteem.

Speakers can make the students realize that studying and doing well in school can actually help them land a job that has a lot of perks – cash bonuses, travel, and other fabulous things.

3. They can help increase the students’ self-esteem.

According to studies, around 44 percent of high school students have self-esteem issues. More than 40 percent of high school girls and 15 percent of high school boys have body image issues. According to psychologists, people with low self-esteem are more likely to commit suicide.

Motivational speakers can help strengthen the students’ self-esteem by giving talks about self-acceptance and self-worth. These speakers can inspire students to do positive self-talk every day and silence their inner critic. They can help teens focus on their accomplishments rather than their failure. They can also give valuable tips to students on how they can stop comparing

themselves to others. These speakers can also give valuable tips on how teens can think positively about themselves and others.

4. They can address the issue of bullying.

Motivational SpeechAccording to statistics, around 77 percent of students have experienced some type of bullying in school. About 80 percent of high school students has experienced cyber bullying. Students experience different types of bullying such as threatening, hazing, kicking, pushing, shoving, tickling, teasing, fighting, mocking, harassment, belittling, tormenting, provocation, and spreading of malicious rumors.

Bullying is a big issue in every school. According to psychologists, kids who bully other kids have a strong feeling of powerlessness in their own lives. These kids are often frustrated or jealous with the person that they are bullying or simply looking for attention.

Whatever the cause, bullying is a real problem. Victims of bullying can experience negative physical, mental health, and school issues. Kids who are bullied are susceptible to anxiety and depression. They may also have real or psychosomatic illnesses. They may withdraw from friends or family and may have trouble sleeping at night. These victims may even consider suicide.

It is no secret that school administrators often have a hard time curbing the bullying culture at school. Inspirational speakers can provide an unbiased voice and speak firmly against bullying. Our speakers can help raise the awareness of students on bullying. We can also give the students valuable tips on how to avoid bullying and stand up against their bullies.

Bullying is not a joke. So, if this is an ongoing problem in your school, it is a good idea to address this problem by hiring our inspirational speakers.

5. They can discourage the excessive use of social media.

Social media has a lot of negative effects. It could lead to addiction. Countless of teenagers are spending a lot of time on social media that they often neglect their studies and other responsibilities. It can also negatively affect the students’ mental health. Inspirational speakers can encourage the students to stay away from social media and do more meaningful things.

Motivational speakers can help students solve their issues and focus on what’s important in life. They can help increase the academic performance of the students and help them find their life purpose.

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